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Topaz symbolizes the happiness of life, it brings joy and abundance into your life and attunes you to the true vibrancy of your soul.    Topaz is a soothing, compassionate stone that will send energy to the place it is most needed.  I helps uncover untruthfulness and fantasy.  

Blue Topaz activates the Throat Chakra whereas Gold Topaz is good on the Sacral and Naval Chakras.  Clear Topaz is associated with the Crown Chakra and Pink with the Heart Chakra.  

​Blue Topaz can be useful for problem solving or sorting out jumbled ideas and feelings.  

Yellow Topaz prevents bad moods and calms moodiness caused by lack of sleep.  

White Topaz helps the wearer to take on new projects.  It provides an extra spiritual and mental boost when you need it.

Golden Topaz is useful for recharging the body and overcoming nervous fatigue.  

Pink Topaz is used for crating a balance between having faith to trust and love or not giving or loving too much.  

​Star Sign - Blue Topaz is linked to Aquarius, Pink to Leo and Taurus, Golden to Virgo, Clear to Aries and Sagittarius.