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Seraphinite Meaning

Seraphinite is often referred to as angel wings because of  its feather like appearance.  It is used to establish connections to the angelic realm and carries these vibrations;  helps with a greater awareness of the divine feminine, restoration of health and balance, encourages living from the heart and connects the physical with the angelic realm.  It has a beautiful spiritual energy that may help your search for spiritual awareness, and will assist you with self healing.  This green and silver crystal has a number of very powerful characteristics, including being one of the stones that aid contact with nature spirits.  It is a very spiritual stone bringing spiritual healing , believed to increase psychic awareness and intuition and to encourage out of body journeys during meditation.  You can also find Seraphinite in a Rare Golden Black as shown above.  It is known to open the Crown Chakra.

Star Sign - â€‹Sagittarius