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Sapphire Meaning

Sapphire symbolizes faith, loyalty and friendship along with a joyful devotion to God.    

Sapphire is a most effective healing stone for the nervous system and a sore throat.   Psychologically it strengthens the wearer's willpower and gives them the strength to get better, it contributes to bringing mental clarity and perception.  It is said to attract prosperity.

The Sapphire is to help release emotional and spiritual blockages, allowing one to express ones true self and needs and open to love.  The sapphire was called the "Stone of Destiny". Sapphires contribute to mental clarity and perception. They can promote financial rewards.

There are pink, yellow, purple, violet, green, orange, blue, black, star and clear sapphires. Today most sapphires are mined in Australia.  

Sapphire is most effective on the Forehead Chakra

Star Sign - Blue Sapphire is linked to Pisces, Light-blue to Taurus, Yellow to Gemini and Star Sapphire to Libra