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Opal is linked to the heart, stomach and digestion, it helps regulate the acids and enzymes in the metabolism along with stimulating the glands.  Opal's high silica content may benefit skin, nails and hair, it brings its water energy to enhance sense of self-worth and enhance self-esteem.  The Crown Chakra is open to the energy of the Opal but varied color Opals are also related to more Chakras.  It symbolizes innocence, purity and hope, it helps you be pure in heart and strengthens your power of thought.    The Opal is one of the most powerful stones for the soul when used in meditation.  This stone of Inspiration may enhance creativity and imagination.  It is used to enhance memory and to decrease confusion.  In India it is considered a lucky stone; in the Far East a symbol of eternal hope.  Use to bring happy dreams and keep away nightmares.  It is said to be a protective stone especially in dangerous places.

Star Sign - Cancer and Pisces is linked to the Opal