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There are two crystals commonly referred to as Jade, they are Jadeite and Nephrite.

Nephrite is an opaque crystal and is more easily obtained than the translucent Jadeite. They both have similar properties.When making an important business decision, use the prosperous energies of jade by holding it while contemplating your course of action.  Jade symbolizes renewal and is said to promote love, courage, wisdom, justice and is believed to be an emotional balancer.  It is thought to release negative thoughts and to soothe the mind.  Jade strengthens your mental faculties and assists in clear reasoning.

The early Chinese thought Jade was a cleansing cure-all.  Jade corresponds with the Root and Heart Chakra and is thought to calm the nervous system, remove toxins and cleanse the blood.

Star Sign - Strongly recommended for Libra and also for Pisces and Cancer