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Iolite Meaning

A Distinctive characteristic of Iolite is its colour and that it would show different hues of blue-violet when held to the northern and southern skies.  Use this stone to discover the lost parts of self and your inner treasures.  

‚ÄčIolite is a valuable stone for helping to combat addictions, including alcoholism, it is believed to help detoxify and regenerate the liver.   It does this by helping you to see the causes of your addiction giving you the understanding that allows you to release yourself from them.  

It clears the Third Eye Chakra. It is a stone of vision and creative expression.  Iolite is compatible with Amethyst, Azurite and Lapis Lazuli.  It can free you from the expectations of others and encourage you to take responsibility for yourself, helping you to lead an independent life.  This crystal balances the flow of yin and yang within the energy meridians bringing the body to optimum health.

Star Sign - Not associated with any particular star sign.