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Herkimer Diamond

The Herkimer comes from only one place - Herkimer, New York, in the United States.  It is a double terminated crystal that has already been faceted by nature.   They are also said to help people to become attuned to each other and they are especially useful for helping healers to attune to their patients.  Herkimers are effective energy detoxifiers.  They are believed to stimulate psychic ability, including telepathy, spiritual vision and clairvoyance, and to promote dream recall and understanding.  Herkimer diamonds are a very powerful clearer of electromagnetic pollution.  In healing they are said to detoxify the body, to protect against radioactivity and to strengthen the body’s own natural mechanisms.

Herkimers work well on the Heart &  Solar Plexus Chakras.  It is recommended that Herkimer Diamonds should be used in combination with other stones in order to increase their effectiveness.

Star Sign - Works well for Capricorn and Sagittarius.