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Eudialyte is a stone of life force and love force. This powerful and rare stone brings harmony and balance to the yearnings of the heart with the physical reality.  It activates and balances the root chakra and the heart chakra.

Eudialyte is an excellent stone for those who seek to receive and express more love and acceptance.  It is said to help nervous system, skin, heart problems, inability to tolerate certain foods or chemicals, eyes; especially the optic nerve. pancreas, thyroid, blood, cell and organ regeneration, trigger the body's self healing system.

Holding this mineral reveals astonishing insights. Eudialyte is also believed to dispel jealousy and 'ring a bell' in ones heart or mind whenever soul travelers reunite.  It amplifies the exchange of love, brings harmony and balance between desire & reality, Dispels jealousy and opens the mind to new insights.  It is also a good stone to have around the home if a family member has behaved badly and partly destroyed the family structure, to rebuild and, if not forgive, to try to come to some reconciliation with the betraying member.

Eudialyte Opens the Root and Heart Chakra

Star Sign - Taurus