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Boulder Opal

Boulder Opal - Is a remarkable opal since it combines precious opal from Australia with ironstone or sandstone so blending beauty and ethereal qualities with firm foundations.  When the opal is mixed through the ironstone it is called a matrix opal. 

This stone represents intensity and purity. It assists in emotional and mental balance and calms the inner soul.    Excellent stone for progress, expansion, and development.   This practical earthed opal stirs those who prefer to live in a dream world and a golden tomorrow because they are afraid to face to realities of today.  ‚ÄčIt clears and brightens the aura and stimulates healing.  It sweeps away the muddy areas in the aura and enhances mental clarity, emotional security, and spiritual progression.  It has been used to access spiritual and animal guides.

Root and Brow Chakra

Star Sign - Cancer and Cappricorn