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Ammolite is a rare iridescent gemstone formed from the fossilized shell of Ammonite approximately 70-75 million years ago.   It is a gemstone produced by living organisms.  Other biogenic gemstones include Pearls and Amber.  It is a sacred gemstone which helps us with our own personal awakening.  It not only brings balance to ones body, it positively affects our surrounding too.  Some say that prosperity and good fortunes are bestowed upon who possesses this gemstone.  

Ammolite is called 'Seven Color Posperity Stone' .

Reds represent love, stimulates energy, growth and passion, Oranges enhance fertility and generates creativity, Yellows are known for wealth, Green encourages entrepreneurship and enlivens intellect and wisdom, Blue promotes peace, calmness, health and harmony, Indigo supports authority, dignity and integrity and Violet promotes meditation and spirituality.   Each color has a positive effect on the body and spirit.


Not a gemstone but a fossil that existed about 400 million years ago, Ammonite has held an important place in history.

A stone of strength, structure, capability and calm, it helps with perceptiveness and is said to be protective.  It radiates Earth's positive energies and brings good luck and finding your way down the spiritual path .  Worn as jewelry it imparts sensuous beauty and charisma.  It is helpful in releasing depression and finding meaning.  

Ammonite is said to assist with general good health, endurance and high energy.  It is told to change negativity into smoothly flowing energy.  They support longevity, memory and past life recall, they are also used to contact spirit guides.  

This fossil also works on stimulating the instincts while providing clarity and heighten personal power. 

Ammonites will also help to lift the heaviness that is sometimes felt during depression.